We automate the mundane stuff
so you can spend more time on the productive stuff


This service was created based on our experience and observation of the part-time/contract staff in Singapore. In doing their task that they’ve been hired to do, they also have to spend time to do mundane but needed HR matters including recording keeping and sending the records to the companies that hired them for computation of salary and sometimes reimbursement of commission payment. We believe these activities should be automated to allow more time for the productive stuff. Stuff that you’re hired to do. Thus this service was created.


We created a service that’s so easy to use to manage and track part-time and temp staff that are working outside in various locations every day. For sales people, we also provide a service to automatically calculate commission based on the products sold. This helps the administrators to cut the time needed at month’s end to compute staff’s salary and commission.

Key Features

Assign jobs and get immediate confirmation

Jobs created can be assigned to the designated staff and they can confirm/reject

Real-time updating of working time

Real-time recording of clock in and clock out

Daily sales reporting

Sales personnel can enter sales information to allow head office to view latest sales figures

Single view dashboards for what matters

Dashboards upon sign in to show coming working time and any notifications

Keep track of employees’ HR matters

Leave applications and historical working time management

Messaging system between users

Keep your mails, notifications and requested action secured and separately from your private stauff

How to try us out for company administrators

  • 01

    Company administrator sign up for service

  • 02

    Create supervisors

  • 03

    Create employees

  • 04

    Create product list and projects

  • 05

    Create assignments

  • 06

    Match assignments with employees

  • 07

    After completion of assignment, generate salary and commission slip

For Employees

  • 01

    Employees accept assignments

  • 02

    Employees check in and start working

  • 03

    Employees finish working and check out

  • 04

    Employees get salary and commission slip

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